PAUL MIDDLETON’S ANGST BAND Now for something completely different. This band is resident at the Blues Cafe in Harrogate every Wednesday evening, if you’re ever in the area, then you must visit the Blues Cafe with live blues music every night and especially on Wednesdays when Paul and the boys will be performing. A fabulous blues band who play their own versions of a few blues classics, but mainly play their own music written by Paul. Paul is a real character and his songs give real anecdotes of the different stages of his life – I’ve got their live album and I chuckle each time I hear Paul’s irreverent take on life. It can often be sprinkled with a few **** words but that’s part of Paul’s character and no offence is intended, he just gets carried away with his music. I’ve seen the band a few times when their keyboard guy doubled up on xylophone, what a treat that was, but Paul tells me he’s just left the band last September after 10 years. That xylophone would have been a first for Diggle. There’s much variety in this band with the guitarist playing lead guitar, cigar box guitar and sometimes violin and Paul playing his version of Diddley Bow/lap steel guitar. This is a definite highlight of the Festival.