Thursday 30th May

7:15 Trilo3y The Gate Inn
9:00 Paul Middleton’s Angst Band Diggle Band Club

Friday 31st May

7:15 Dogfinger Steve Saddleworth Cookery School
9:00 The Mighty Revelators Diggle Band Club

Saturday 1st June

3:00 Mike ‘Dr Blue’ McKeon Granpa Greene’s
4:45 Hokum Hotshots Vintage Ambience Cafe
6:30 Mitch Laddie Band Kilngreen Hall
9:00 Big Wolf Band and Zoe Green Diggle Band Club

Sunday 2nd June

1:45 Two Hats Blues Band The Gate Inn
3:30 Nick Bold and the Raging Sea Diggle band Club
6:00 Paul Rose Band Kilngreen Hall